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The police recruit

Max is everyone's friend and mischief-maker. 


He is also the only monkey in the world that is a policeman, or at least a recruit. Althoug Max might appear to be a self-centered champ, he is helpful and kind. The children in the city thinks he is the coolest and funniest in the whole city.



The Ambulance recruit

Ted the caring young teddybear, is starting his life in the ambulance service. 

He loves his job and is responsible for packing the medical supplies. He is very popular and offers great comfort to people in need, providing reassurance with his cuddly warmth.



The Firefighting recruit

Elphie is a bubbly and adventure-loving elephant.


Her impressive trunk and its water-shooting abilities make her a natural firefighter, and she holds the proud position as the only elephant in the city's emergency services. 



The clumsy hare

Jumpi is a very active hare who always has a tendency to land himself in situations which he is unable to get out of without the help of others. Martin and Mia are often drawn into these situations as well. 

He is a clumsy, naive, careless and inquisitive hare - so it's hardly surprising that he ends up in trouble. 


+ many more


City of Friends AS

City of Friends AS is a Norwegian private company, which owns and manages the global rights to the brand.


Our vision is to empower and educate Children all over the world with entertainment, and build a worldwide successful kids brand together with selected partners. 


We focus our distribution through a range of AVOD and OTT services, and millions of kids watch City of Friends every month.

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