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City of Friends - the animated tales of Max, Ted and Elphie and the life lessons they learn as part of the emergency services.

The tales are focused around teaching our target audience the importance of the core values Friendship, Cooperation and Tolerance



Season 1:
We meet Max, Ted & Elphie for the first time, and get to know them through their everyday lifes as recruits in the cities emergency departments.

26 x 10' dur


Season 2:
The adventures continue, and our recruits are constantly learning something new while solving everyday problems. 


26 x 10' dur


2 special episodes with Christmas and Halloween theme. 


2 x 30' dur

Streaming partners:

Season 3 - Project Development


Introducing - Season 3
The tales continue! 


We are preparing to scale our popular Brand and IP internationally, with the production of Season 3 of City of Friends. The brand has achieved great success in our home market of Norway, and we are currently looking for partners to join us on our international journey 
We're looking for: 

  • Co-producers

  • International distribution partners

  • Licensing partners

Live Entertainment 

Bringing the magic from the screen to the stage


City of Friends events span from kindergarten
visits to arena shows. The concept offers different
formats tailored to the venue - including; malls, social
centres, hotels & resorts, hospitals, amusement parks,
kindergartens, theatres and arenas. Max, Ted, Elphie and Jumpi have greeted children in more than 300 venues in London, Cannes, Singapore, Norway and Dubai

Merchandise & Licensing 


City of Friends AS is proud to introduce a world of merchandising opportunities. We offer a vast range of products, including books, plush, toys, apparel, bedding, apps, stationery, food – and more!



Music is a vital part of our brand identity, and an important element in all our Live show segment.

We have multiple high quality songs, streaming millions of times every year. We offer a catchy and recognizable library, adaptable to all themes and concepts. Easily translated to meet new territories.

Want to learn more?

press photo Silje.jpg

We'd love to hear from you, so please reach out.

Silje Storrud

+47 97 61 16 17


Lars Petter Mæland
Head of Brand

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